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We can provide professional church cleaning services for religious institutions located within Melbourne Inner areas and Outer suburbs.

If you’re looking for church cleaning services in Melbourne, choose our professional and experienced church cleaning team. A place of worship is more than just a place to pray. It’s also a place where people get together as a community. As a commercial cleaning company in Melbourne, we understand how important your place of worship is to your worshipers. That’s why we’ve designed a dedicated religious facility and church cleaning program designed specifically for religious spaces. With religious facility and church cleaning services from us, your place of worship will be a bright and shining beacon for your community. CompaQ Commercial Cleaning takes great care in providing Melbourne with clean, healthy and immaculate churches.

We take every care to guarantee that there is no disturbance to your services and other activities, and we’re able to clean all areas, including any altars and chapels. Our Company is happy to work under your supervision, to ensure that all job is done professionally and all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. Our church cleaning Services Melbourne can provide all kind of cleaning services for your church such as deep cleaning, regular cleaning, window cleaning, patio cleaning, stone restoration and maintenance services and many more. We understand that in some churches there are surfaces and items of a great age. This is the reason we use natural, eco-friendly cleaning products on these areas. As with our commercial and property cleaning, we guarantee a great service at all times, with a result that is sure to leave you happy Our professional cleaning Company Melbourne provides cleaning services for domestic and business customers for more than 10 years and we will be happy to be our next customer!

With every new church cleaning service, our goal is to get members of your church to notice and comment on just how great the property looks. That's what we aim for with every new church service.

The advantages of hiring a professional church cleaning company in Melbourne include a sense of accomplishment as well as a fresh, peaceful, silent, and exotic aroma.There are numerous advantages to hiring a professional church cleaning company in addition to providing a clean, quiet, and peaceful environment. These advantages include:

  • The fear of getting an infection gets minimized in the church environment.
  • We can say a cleaned environment is the way to show gratitude to God.
  • Feels secure, clean and comfortable for church attendees.
  • A sanitized, cleaned church redraws its respect and dignity.
  • A holy and healthy environment for every age group worshiper.
  • We carefully screen and train all of our church cleaners to provide you with 1st class church cleaning services in Melbourne.
  • Compaq cleaning is your number one choice for all of your church cleaning needs in Melbourne due to our years of experience cleaning and sanitising churches and other commercial facilities.
  • We are committed to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and practices to keep your congregants, visitors, and patrons safe and protected.
  • We offer customised church cleaning that does not interfere with your services or other events. We design a weekly, biweekly, or monthly church cleaning schedule based on your goals and budget.
  • The cost of church cleaning varies according to the size, number of rooms, and frequency of cleaning.
  • The size of the church will determine how long it will take to clean it.
  • The number of rooms: The more rooms there are, the more expensive cleaning becomes.
  • Cleaning frequency: The cleaning frequency determines how frequently the church must be cleaned. It is more cost effective to hire us on a regular basis.

If you only need the church cleaned once, we can provide you with a quote for one-time church cleaning services. Recurring service: The most cost-effective service is recurring service. You can request a quote for our church cleaning services on a regular basis.

  • Narthex: The narthex is where visitors first enter the church. It is critical to keep this area clean in order for visitors to have a positive first impression.
  • Bathrooms: One of the most important areas to clean in a church is the restrooms. You should clean them on a regular basis to keep germs and bacteria at bay.
  • The number of rooms: The more rooms there are, the more expensive cleaning becomes.
  • Offices: Church offices usually contain sensitive materials, such as confidential documents. Therefore, it is essential to keep them clean and organized
  • Kitchens: Another area that requires regular cleaning is the kitchen. All appliances and surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Sanctuary: As previously stated, the sanctuary is the most important area. You should make certain that it is spotless for the congregation.

Melbourne City is the place in the world with the most religious diversity. Here, Most of the people identify as members of a certain religion. There are over 2,000 churches and 4,000 places of informal worship in the city. Additionally, there are over 100 mosques and more than 1,000 synagogues in Melbourne. A church custodian used to be able to take care of all the cleaning tasks that were required in a church. That reality has changed in the year 2020. Your parishioners' safety can be ensured with the help of a reputable church cleaning service.

For some fantastic cleaning advice for your place of worship, keep reading. We'll explain what you should do to make sure it is thoroughly sanitised.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is now necessary to not only clean, but also disinfect our places of worship. Most custodians know how to keep a church clean. They do not know what is necessary to properly disinfect against coronavirus. Cleaning surfaces with soap or detergent and water removes germs from the surface. Washing does not always kill germs, it just reduces their number. There is a reduction in the risk of infection, but the possibility is not eliminated. The procedure needed to disinfect does not always clean a dirty surface, but it does kill germs. Keeping your church safe is a two-step process of cleaning and then disinfecting that must be done frequently.

Depending on the surface nature, the coronavirus can endure on surfaces for extended times. For example:

  • COVID-19 can endure for a week on stainless steel and plastic.
  • Glass can retain COVID-19 for roughly four days.
  • Copper may retain COVID-19 for around four hours.

Church pews, rugs, carpets, floors, desks, bibles, papers, and more are examples of other contaminated surfaces. The frequency of disinfection for your church will depend on how frequently people use the premises. Weekly disinfection should be adequate if all employees are wearing masks, regularly washing their hands, and maintaining social distance. Your risk of contamination increases if your church is open to the public. Sunday school and church are normally held once a week. Through the week, contamination is increased by activities like adult bible studies, Awana, and catechism. It can be required to disinfect everyday or several times each week.

Cleaning Tips for Churches & other Religious places

It might take a lot of time to keep your church looking tidy, clean, and properly sanitised. Make sure the individual in charge of facility maintenance is knowledgeable on the right procedures.

  • Identify the Areas of Heavy Use-:A fantastic place to begin is by taking a walk through your church and making a list of the locations that people commonly visit. Note the quantity of users for each area as well as the days of the week they are present. Include details about the surfaces that users interact with. For carpets, plastic storage containers, hardwood floors, church pews, etc., different cleaning and disinfecting procedures are required. You may decide how frequently cleaning and disinfection is required using the list you created. Consider how frequently your custodian is available so that appropriate cleaning and sanitising can be done. Are they able to manage it? To keep everyone safe, do you require expert COVID-19 church cleaning services?
  • Church Pew Care-:Church pew maintenance was simple before the year 2020. They may be kept looking neat and tidy for services with only a quick dusting and some high-quality furniture polish. On sometimes, additional care is required due to to accidental spills ,Scratches and Polishing.You should contact a Church cleaning service if you are unaware of how to cleanse your church pews' wood surface without damaging it. They'll make sure the procedure is carried out in a way that safeguards both your wood and your parishioners from contamination.