School and university cleaning services in Melbourne

We are pleased to be one of the best school and university cleaners in Melbourne. We offer professional school cleaning services to educational institutions of all shapes and sizes, from primary schools to universities and grad schools. This includes school halls, sporting stadiums, gymnasiums and basketball courts.

Our school cleaning services offer general cleaning alongside specialised services such as steam cleaning, window cleaning, and floor buffing and vinyl floor strip and resealing. Services are available both in the school term and during school holidays, depending on your requirements.We have an organized method for our school cleaning services which are specifically customised to the needs of our customers and your educational institution. With the use of our latest environmental cleaning equipment and processes and green c chemical cleaning, we guarantee a clean and healthy work environment for your staff and students. We continually review our green procurement systems to ensure the products and systems we use have a low environmental impact.

Meeting the cleaning standards for schools is a vital piece of guaranteeing the health of students, staff, and every member of the school community. Unhygienic environments can lead to the presence of irritants ,vermin, pollutants, allergens, bacteria, and other nasties which not only affect student health and performance, but can reflect very poorly on the school. As one of the best school cleaning cleaners, we realize the pressures facing principals when it comes to meeting cleaning standards for schools whilst managing budgetary limitations. That’s why we’ve developed a range of services to help schools manage their cleaning obligations in a cost-effective way. Our team of school cleaning can help ensure a clean, safe and comfortable environment for every school at a competitive price.

Why choose our school or university cleaning services?

To fulfil all your school cleaning requirements, CompaQ Cleaning offer customised special school cleaning services packages for you. Being the business owners, we understand the need for detailed cleaning and high level of quality control and therefore we carry some of the school cleaning in Melbourne ourselves. Our special team of trained school cleaners take great responsibility in their work and harbour over 10 years of experience in the field. Our team of special cleaners are professionally trained to take up school cleaning services in Melbourne. Their expertise ensures that your school cleaning is in safe hands. We are driven to provide a personal and honest service, giving foremost priority to our clients. We offer school cleaning services you can always rely on. Our flexible service helps schools throughout Melbourne meet their cleaning requirements. From holiday deep cleans and maintenance to term time cleaning we can deliver a professional service with the minimum of disruption.

School Cleaning Melbourne Services-:

  • Cleaning Restrooms
  • Disinfecting counters, desks, walls, fixtures, and fittings
  • Scrubbing toilets, showers, partitions and sinks
  • Cleaning all Class Rooms and Offices
  • Daily vacuuming and cleaning of carpeted areas
  • Dusting and cleaning window sills and frames
  • Cleaning and maintenance of hard floors
  • Steam cleaning carpeted areas as requested.

Benefits Of Maintaining A Clean School Environment

School is a place which require highest standards of hygiene. School campus like the classrooms, library, playground, cafeteria and toilets are some of areas in the school, which are frequented by children and require continuous cleaning to keep them neat and free from germs. School can hire the services of professional school cleaning company in Melbourne to keep their campuses spotless and germ free

Clean schools children are free from pollution and dirt, which will increase their learning performance. Children in clean schools fall ill less often which aids them to be regular to school and improve their learning outcomes. Parents are always be happy when children are in as safe and hygienic environment. A hygienic work place increase the productivity of teachers increases when they interact and teach the students in clean classrooms. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen, school labs and other areas enhances the life of the equipment used in these places. An arranged and well maintained school has positive impression on the visitors. It leads to a sense of pride and a vibrant campus with exceptional learning outcomes. Schools should hire the services of experienced and professional school cleaning in Melbourne company to stay ahead of competition and provide a safe and clean learning environment.

School Holiday Deep Cleaning: The Benefits of a Clean School

As one of the industry’s leading educational cleaning providers, summer is very busy for the CompaQ cleaning team and we're excited for pupils and teachers to gain the benefits of a clean school.

School holiday deep cleaning includes:

  • Full, intense wall inside cleaning, cupboard tops, window frames and light fittings amongst other wall-based items.
  • Full deep carpet steam clean.
  • Full deep hard floor clean and polish.
  • Deep clean off all blinds.
  • Full deep clean of all chairs, stools, tables and desks.

We understand that no two schools are the identical and as a result, we work with our customers to create a requirement list when deep cleaning is requested. For most of our schools, an annual summer holiday deep clean will be enough, while for others four deep cleans a year may be required.

The Key Benefits Of a Clean School

  • Increases productivity among students-: Deep cleaning targets those areas that are hard to thoroughly clean during term time. Such as carpets and floors, toilets and the removal of chewing gum from desks etc. All of this makes a far more pleasant learning environment where students can be comfortable, cared for and ready to be educated.
  • Impress parents-: A spotless school environment is the first thing that many will notice when entering your establishment. It is a simple way to reassure parents that their child is in the right place, as well as impressing potential parents and students for the next intake.
  • Boosts morale among educators-:Teachers work long hours in the school environment, with many choosing to do their planning and marking on site as well as their teaching. In order to keep high levels of job satisfaction, it’s important for them to feel happy in their surroundings and not worrying about the school environment on top of their workload.
  • Makes daily tidying easier-:If students and teachers arrive to a sparkling clean school at the beginning of the year, they will feel far more motivated to tidy on a daily basis!.

While deep cleans are important, it’s also essential that your school has a good-quality regular cleaning. Letting a lack of cleanliness build up over time will make deep cleans more harder and likely to cost more money. Plus, professional school cleaning will guarantee all facilities are maintained to a high standard and won’t need to be replaced as often.Here at CompaQ cleaning, we are committed to providing a professional cleaning service that works for your school. We have bespoke options available for different budgets and we want everyone to experience the benefits of a clean school.