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We can provide a variety of floor cleaning services for your warehouse,showroom or industrial facility. These would include ride on scrubbing and cleaning machines using detergents other solutions to bring your surfaces feeling brand new.

Warehouse concrete floors are subject to a variety of different problems. From ground in dust and grime, to oil spills, and even tyre marks from high volumes of vehicular traffic. And if left, while unsightly, these can actually pose a far greater risk.A build-up of dust or untreated oil spills on warehouse concrete floors can also pose serious fire risks. Floor markings in a warehouse floor are there for a purpose, such as indicating areas of hazard or delineating walkways. These important markings can be obscured by the residue created by warehouse activity and could lead to an accident. Also, an unacceptable level of dirt can cover up cracks and ridges in the floor which increase the risks of trips for pedestrians as well potential damage to forklifts or other equipment

We have the technical know-how, over 12 years of experience chemical cleaning and the most sophisticated equipment for warehouse floor cleaning including all industrial non slip flooring, sealed concrete, painted concrete etc. Our expertise minimises the cleaning time and maximises the effectiveness of your warehouse floor cleaning programme.Whatever material your Warehouse floor is, Ideal Response have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to reinvigorate new life into it, restoring it to an “as-new” state. Stubborn stains and marks will be eradicated while dust and dirt are completely removed. We can work around a schedule that fits you and work with you to plan out work to cause the minimal amount of disruption to the running of your business.With industry-leading technology, we can efficiently work on the most delicate of surfaces without causing any damage to the substrate.Regular maintenance of your warehouse floor will ensure a longer lifespan.

Why so many clients choose CompaQ cleaning for their Warehouse concrete floor cleaning services?

  • Specialised: We are specialised in warehouse, factory and show room concrete floor cleaning.
  • Licensed & Fully insured: We are Licensed and insured for your complete safety
  • We are flexible: No matter your place is big or small we do each and every assignment
  • On time: We’ll finish our warehouse, factory or show room concrete floor cleaning assignment on time and budget
  • Free Quotations: We’ll charge you $0 AUD for an actual quote and maintain transparency
  • Renowned Company: Operating for more than a decade we have earned a reputation for service and exceptional work
  • Cost- Effective: We are known for providing you the most affordable warehouse, factory and showroom concrete floor cleaning Melbourne.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We promise you that you’ll love our work.

Warehouse floor cleaning tips

Warehouse floors are busy places where a lot of dirt accumulates as workers are performing their duties. If a warehouse floor gets too dirty, potential safety hazards can be created that must be logged. Keeping your warehouse floors perfect will help to ensure that your warehouse maintains a safe working environment. If this is not a task assigned to an employed staff member, then hiring a professional commercial warehouse concrete floor cleaning company may be in order.

When your warehouse floors are kept clean it also helps you maintain order as well to ensure that your operations can be conducted in a smooth manner. It is much more productive working in a facility where everything is free of clutter, organized, and clean. A clean workspace is also more pleasant for warehouse employees to work in.

  • Using the proper cleaning equipment on your warehouse concrete floors.-:The right cleaning equipment should be used to clean your warehouse floors. An automatic floor scrubber is a useful type of industrial cleaning equipment. It is useful for cleaning spills and clearing debris from your concrete floor. Even though this type of machine is very useful, it is still recommended that you sweep your floors in case any critical areas are missed by the scrubber.
  • Choose the correct time to do the warehouse floor cleaning-: Find the best time for starting to clean your warehouse concrete floors. Usually, warehouses are very busy places that have around the clock active operations. You don’t want your cleaning procedure to interfere with your warehouse operations or vice versa. Establishing a cleaning schedule is the best option to ensure that all of your floors are cleaned promptly.
  • Sweep your floors before you scrub them-:Make sure your warehouse floors are swept before they are scrubbed. It is important for all loose soils and dirt to be swept up from the floors before they are scrubbed. Most dirt in a warehouse is dry particulate soils. They can damage the surface of the floor and make them look dirty. When an automatic floor scrubber is used, it is important to first sweep the floors. Otherwise, it could result in dirt particles becoming trapped inside the scrubbing mechanism of the machine and could impact the machine’s performance.
  • Thoroughly clean your warehouse floors It is important for your warehouse floors to be cleaned thoroughly. When you clean as you go that helps to prevent dirt from accumulating on your floors. Encourage your workers to clean while they work. In the event of a spill, it should be cleaned up immediately in order to avoid further accidents or the accumulation of dirt. If there is any trash on your floor it should be picked up and thrown away so that the area is kept clean. To protect your floors and ensure they stay in good condition over time, big rubber floor mats should be used. A concrete sealant can also be applied to your floor every few years to help prevent staining. Buffing the floors on a regular basis can also help to keep them looking good and shiny.

Maintaining Flooring in Warehouses

Concrete flooring is generally easy to maintain because its durability and flat surfacing. Maintaining concrete flooring in warehouses come with a few advantages when it comes to cleaning and maintenance,cause:

  • There are no joints, grout lines or areas where dirt could end up trapped
  • It’s resilient to water, stains and abrasion (when properly sealed)
  • Pet and child-proof
  • Easily maintained and cleaned
  • Only have to renew sealer every few years

There are some maintenance tips to help keep concrete flooring in warehouses in good condition. These are:

  • Using floor runners and rugs in high traffic areas to help reduce the need for maintenance
  • Spills must be cleaned fast and efficiently to guarantee they don’t absorb into the concrete
  • Use microfiber cleaning tools when dry or damp mopping.
  • Cleaning-Stained Concrete in Warehouses.

How to select the best warehouse floor cleaning equipment?

  • Aim for high productivity over lowest price. The most expensive piece of equipment may profit the best ROI because your productivity will be high, and labour cost is low.
  • Look for flexible equipment. Warehouse floors are not evenly dirty. There are some places that are much dirtier than others, and then some places that are quite clean. To effectively clean, you need a machine that—on the fly—can adjust its cleaning power at the touch of a button.
  • Get a machine that can grab nuts, bolts and pallet chips. If your floor tends to get cluttered with large debris, look for a cylindrical-type scrubber that can capture those large pieces while scrubbing. That way, you can get a deep scrub and sweep the floor simultaneously.
  • Consider the factor in operator safety and ease of use. Realizing the most cleaners are look for options that have very low learning curves, because that the people using it probably won’t have PHD in facility cleaning.
The fastest, most effective, and safest way to clean hard floors in warehouse, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities is with a scrubber dryer. If you need a scrubber dryer understanding the principles of how they work will help you get the right machine and get the most from it. The major components are arranged in machine are Brushes at the front, water collection system, affectionately known as a squeegee, at the back with the operator sitting at the front for ease of use. Under the body work have two large tanks, the batteries and some motors. One of the motors provides traction the other vacuum for the water collection system. One tank is for clean water the other for waste water.
As the scrubber dryer moves forward the cleaning solution is dispensed into the brushes and onto the floor. The brushes rotate and scrub the floor loosening and lifting the dirt. The water and the dirt are sucked up by the squeegee and pumped into the waste water tank. There are however a number of important variables in this process, namely the speed of the vehicle, the speed and pressure of the scrubbing process, the amount and make-up of the cleaning solution and the number of passes you make over the floor. Also the number and style of scrubbing brush can be specified.

Why a scrubber dryer is the preferred for warehouse floor cleaning services?

When it comes to warehouse floor cleaning, mopping only doesn’t get the job done. Below are the reasons to use scrubber dryers boil down to four main advantages:
  • Cleanliness.-:Mop water is only clean the first time it’s used. Every following dip of the mop adds contaminants to the water. Scrubbing floor is the only way to guarantee you’re putting nothing but clean water and chemical onto your floor.
  • Efficiency-: Mopping doesn’t remove contaminants; it just spreads them everywhere. In contrast, scrubber dryers clean and extract dirt very effectively, ensuring you meet your cleaning standards
  • Safety.-: After mopping, the floors are wet, which increases the risk of slip and fall incidents. A scrubber dryer scrubs and dries in one pass so that the floor will not be slippery.
  • Productivity.-: Even if mopping were a safe, effective way to clean, it would still not be a productive one. Scrubber dryers can clean many times faster than mops, freeing up cleaners’ time for other important tasks.

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