Office cleaners in Clayton do clean all types of commercial premises,offices large and small,medical centres,Schools, gymnasiums, kindergartens ,Child Care centre, restaurant, church, cinemas and End of lease cleaning throughout Clayton.Clayton is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 18 km south-east of Melbourne's central business district. Its local government area is the City of Monash. Compaq Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for over ten decades. We have been trustworthy always to our customers in Clayton. In addition to our credibility, we have distinguished our services through commercial cleaning customisations and tailor-made to specifically suit your workspace in Clayton. We take the time to learn and understand our client’s business model. This assists us to better serve towards a unique office cleaning service that suits your business’s requirements. With our office cleaning team on your side, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that your Clayton commercial office space is well looked after.

Reliable Office Cleaning company in Clayton

Our Clayton team of cleaners are highly experienced. Most of them have been taking cleaning jobs for more than 10 years. Through the years, they’ve overcome various cleaning challenges in different industrial places. So, cleaning your property in Clayton wouldn’t really be an issue.

We do cleaning with the help of our advanced equipment. They’ve passed safety tests and are environment-friendly as well. That means you don’t need to worry about our cleaning processes. We’ll give your property safe cleaning and save you precious time.Since you get to decide on the scope of our services, we guarantee that our staff’s commitment doesn’t waver on smaller, short-term projects. We provide reliable cleaning services regardless of the schedule or frequency, the extent of the service and the term of the agreement.

Our Clayton cleaning rates start from just the minimum price $100.00 per visit – A great place to start for you and your office.Over 10 years of commercial office cleaning experience in Clayton – We’ll keep your business immaculate, which for you means increased revenue and productivity.

Why Choose our commercial office Cleaning company in Clayton?

  • We are a local office Cleaning Company in Clayton providing High Quality Cleaning & Affordable Price.
  • Our office company can provide flexible working hours so there is no disruption to your business.
  • All Clayton office cleaners receive ongoing training as well as supervisors performing regular quality checks to guarantee you receive a quality service.
  • Our Clayton office cleaners are covered by comprehensive Public Liability Insurance, ,labour hire aouthorised company and all our work is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Our Clayton office cleaners use only environmentally friendly products and equipment.
  • Competitive Cleaning prices for Clayton area.
  • No lock in contracts or hidden fees.
  • Our office cleaners in Clayton follow a strict colour coding system to minimise the spread of germs and increase hygiene in your office.
  • All managers and our Clayton cleaning staff hold a current police check.

If you have understood the difference a professional commercial office cleaner brings to the table when a professional commercial cleaning or office cleaning is carried out in Clayton, VIC you will now never ever shift away from the thought of engaging only professional cleaners for regular commercial cleaning services. All you need to do to get started is to request an obligation- and cost-free quote, telling us a bit more about your Oakleigh location and cleaning needs.Because we’re open 24 hours a day, seven days week, your quote request and any queries are answered promptly.

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  • What Commercial cleaning services do you offer in Clayton?-:Compaq cleaning Clayton offers a wide selection of cleaning services you can choose from. We mainly offer routine office cleaning. Furthermore we offer carpet steam cleaning, internal-external window cleaning, gym cleaning, childcare cleaning, medical centre cleaning, school cleaning and the list goes on.
  • How much does it cost for commercial office cleaning in Clayton?-:The cost will depend on a few factors. Such as how many hours we spend on cleaning, how much material and what type of equipment needed for a cleaner to perform the cleaning that is required for your business. Our friendly supervisors are always happy to perform a free onsite visit to decide the best price and cleaning program for your premises.
  • What to look for when hiring an office cleaner in Clayton?-:Our Clayton office cleaners are all reliable, professional and well trained. We only employ full-time cleaners. This guarantees that the cleaners are committed to high cleaning standards.
  • Do cleaners in Clayton have insurance?-:Of course! We are fully insured. Certificates of our insurances will be mailed to you with our quotation so you can have peace of mind.

How office cleaning companies help to keep your offices clean during the winter flu season? It is very vital to follow office cleaning practices to ensure that your office remains healthy and hygienic during the flu season

For many businesses the winter months flu can become a challenge. Flu is a common infectious viral illness spread by coughs and sneezes.

  • Wash your hands -:It is important to make sure that you and everyone in your office washes their hands thoroughly and after every meeting with another person. Shaking hands at the beginning of a meeting is very courteous. However this can spread germs easily. Washing hands after coming back from the shops or meetings is also very important as you may of picked up germs whilst out and you can now spread them within your office. Washing hands often and drying them on disposable paper towels (or laundering hand towels regularly) – can significantly reduce the chance of catching a virus, especially the rotavirus, which tends to infect children and causes vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Using hand sanitizer-:It’s necessary to have hand sanitizer distributed throughout the office. Especially in high traffic areas such as reception and the office kitchen.
  • Coughs and sneezes spread disease -:make sure you and your employee’s cover mouth and nose every time sneeze. Train those who clean kitchens and surfaces to do the same so they are not the ones spreading germs.
  • Clean air conditioning/heater filters -:Many offices have excellent heating facilities. These however can really dry out offices and spread germs if not regularly cleaned. Make sure that your office uses new technology as these more often than not trap germs and release only clean, fresh air.
  • Use air purifiers -:these can be used throughout the office to minimise discomfort and increase productivity. Air purifiers work by attracting harmful particles such as smoke, mould, pollen, bacteria, viruses and pet dander that are in the air by trapping them in the filter system. The impurities remain on the filter leaving the clean air to continue to circulate. Although air purifiers don’t completely eliminate germs and bacteria they go a-long way to decrease discomfort particularly in allergy sufferers and people with compromised immune systems.
  • Hire an expert office cleaning company like Compaq Cleaning office cleaners in Clayton-: to deep clean the office before the flu season starts. A clean office will attract fewer germs and bacteria as there is no dust, mould or moisture to settle on. Once flu season is over another deep clean can be done so as to get rid of any germs that may have settled.

Things to do The Day Before Your Office Cleaner is Due -:

Each one of us mostly have worked in an office at least one time. Therefore we know how messy they can get if we’re not careful. With the slow accumulation of general dirtiness, and maybe one or two people not picking up after themselves, it really doesn’t take long for things to get out of hand and the office no longer gives the impression of a professional environment! This is the reason why most offices hire a commercial office cleaning company to take the strain and keep things looking clean and professional.

  • Do Tidy –: Do a quick tidy up, the less time your cleaner has to spend moving things out of their way, the more time they will have to actually clean!
  • Organise Paperwork –: Most of the time paperwork takes over your desk. If you spend a few minutes to file or get rid of anything not needed will make things easier for your cleaner. Also less likely an important document will be shuffled or misplaced.
  • Categorize areas that need more attention –:Accidents happen in the office such as spilling coffee on the table, Someone managed to burst their lunch all over the microwave etc. Leave a note or use a cleaners communication book to note down special notes to your cleaners, Then it will be easy for the cleaners to adjust their schedule to accommodate.
  • Desk litter–: Most of employee’s practically live at their desks, lunch is often eaten there, and sometimes a few cups of coffee will be consumed there too, as well as the occasional cream cake and chocolate treat! Take a few minutes to throw away any rubbish and clear dirty dishes.
  • Quick check around –:Lastly, it’s also worth taking a few moments just to have a check around and note anything damaged or broken. This could save any embarrassment or misunderstandings with your cleaner as you’ll know it wasn’t them!

These are also great habits to get into in-between cleans too as your office will maintain that ‘just cleaned’ feel for much longer. Just by spending a few minutes on these things, you’ll be allowing your office cleaner to do the best job possible and will be really making the most of your cleaning service!

  • Clayton church cleaning-:Churches are an abode for a large number of people. They are almost always open to worshipers and visitors. Keeping the church clean and maintaining good sanitary conditions is extremely vital, but it can also be a tough task. Having a detailed church cleaning checklist can help to organize and simplify the process.
  • Clayton once off cleaning
  • Clayton office cleaning
  • Clayton Industrial Cleaning
  • Clayton Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Clayton ChildCare / Kindergarten/ Preschool Cleaning-:Safer and healthier childcare facilities and kindergartens for your children thanks to Childcare Cleaning Clayton. The reputable Australian cleaning firm compaq cleaning offers first-rate daycare,childcare, preschool cleaning services throughout all of clayton area. We are renowned for providing top-notch childcare cleaning in Melbourne at pricing that are affordable for anyone. It is crucial that you regularly have your property cleaned because the safety of the children in your childcare facility is very important. You may now choose between hiring a full-time cleaning crew, which will be expensive and time-consuming, and outsourcing our expert childcare cleaning services at a fantastic price.
  • Clayton School Cleaning
  • Clayton Medical Centre Cleaning-:The health of medical staff and patients is not the sole benefit of a clean and secure institution. Our cleaning services for medical facilities also assist our clients in creating a workplace that encourages employee happiness and productivity. Medical staff experience a high degree of daily stress, so seeing dirty floors, overflowing trash cans, or dirty bathrooms will only make them feel worse. They require a distraction-free environment with a pleasant scent in order to remain alert and focused while helping patients. Employing reputable cleaning services and professionals has additional advantages for facility owners and operators. One reason is that no person would go to a hospital or clinic that was filthy and commit their health to the medical staff. With the help of our cleaning skills, we can help you maintain your high standards, please your current customers, and bring in new customers via word of mouth.
  • Clayton Bank Cleaning
  • Clayton Church Cleaning
  • Clayton Shopping Centre
  • Clayton Restaurant Cleaning
  • Clayton Pubs/Clubs Cleaning
  • Clayton Car Park cleaning
  • Clayton Vinyl floor strip and reseal
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Clayton warehouse concrete floor cleaning services .

Having trouble keeping your Office clean and sparkling? Compaq Cleaning Solutions with 10 years of experience in office cleaning will handle all your concerns. Contact us today and we will have all your office needs sorted out! We look forward hearing from Clayton Business owners to provide our valuable services to you.

First impressions are important in business, especially if you want to keep your current clients and draw in new ones. Keeping your office spotless is one method to accomplish this. From the client's perspective, a tidy and organised office presents a favourable impression of your brand or business. It demonstrates that your business pays attention to the little things and that each employee actually cares about their working environment. The idea of keeping the office clean is occasionally forgotten and pushed to the bottom of the daily to-do list due to everyone in the organisation having their own duties and jobs. Most people won't realise until their workspace is overly disorganised and cluttered.

In the end, you get to save time and effort, and your staff can concentrate on other important tasks while leaving the deep cleaning to experts.
  • Pay Attention To The High-Traffic Areas In Your Office-:Which rooms in the building are considered high-traffic areas? This could be the main lobby, office cabins, pantries, employee lockers, or any room always filled with people. Pay attention to these spots in your office and clean high-traffic areas twice. For example, you can dust and sweep the main lobby every day before opening hours and after closing hours. If cleaning these high-traffic areas daily seems impossible, especially if these rooms are expansive, consider hiring a cleaning service. Cleaning professionals can deep clean the building at least once every week and focus on high-traffic and high-touch areas. They can sweep, dust, vacuum, and scrub when necessary.
  • Keep Your Desk Clean And Clutter-Free-: Even if you've employed a cleaning service, there are some places only you can clean, including your office. Every employee has a desk, and it is everyone's duty to keep it as regularly as possible clean and clutter-free. Your productivity may suffer if your desk is disorganised since clutter may be a major distraction. Also, it conveys to others that your priorities aren't in line.So, keep your desk clean and clutter-free with these steps.First Minimize and pare down your office supplies. Things like visible picture frames, books, calendars, food, and beverages should all be stored away or disposed of if you don't use them every day. Secondly use less paper by storing your items, documents, and other important files digitally. Thirdly Store office supplies in drawers while not in use.After using your pens, folders, or books, return them to their proper location or storage. This way, the surface will look cleaner and more organized. On top of that, it’ll be easier for you to maintain a clean desk. Wiping with a clean cloth and a spray cleaner will be enough to keep your work area sparkling and clutter-free.
  • Clean And Sanitize IT Equipment And Other Technology-:Your office's IT equipment, including your computer, phone, tablet, photocopier, and scanner, is one of the most often used spaces or things. Due to their regular use, these objects can quickly develop bacterial growth, raising the risk of infection among other employees. Hence, each morning before you start working for the day, you must clean and sanitise your equipment. To get rid of dust and filth, use a clean cloth and some rubbing alcohol or sanitising wipes. Eating and drinking shouldn't be done at your desk as well. Your keyboard, phone, or mouse may have a few dropped crumbs or a few drops of liquid.
  • Place Slip-Free Rugs Or Carpets On The Entryway-:Customers entering and exiting the premises might also generate dust and grime, in addition to employees. By using slip-resistant rugs or carpets in the entrance, you can reduce filth. They will assist in removing mud from shoes and catching dirt that may fall off coats and pants when visitors enter. To stop dust and grime from gathering and circulating in the air, they should be swept or cleaned at least twice every day. To keep your doorway clean, it's best not to rely on rugs and carpets, though. Sweep the foyer floors and sanitise the door handles and knobs to tidy up the space.
  • Do Regular Floor Care-: Among the first things people notice when entering an office is the cleanliness of the space or the sparkliness of the floor. When your floor is spotless, most people will get the impression that the place is well-maintained. On the other hand, if the floor is rough with dirt and stain, people think your business is disorganized. So, don’t forget to pay attention to regular floor care. Every morning, before opening hours, sweep or vacuum the floor and then mop it with water and a cleaning solution. Don’t forget to include the rugs and carpets. Or you can do the floor cleaning after closing hours, so the floor will be prepared the next morning. You can also do a quick sweep and mop during lunch breaks when no customers are around. During weekends or closing days of your office, you can schedule a deep office cleaning with other employees.

Having trouble keeping your Office clean and sparkling? Compaq Cleaning Solutions with 10 years of experience in office cleaning will handle all your concerns. Contact us today and we will have all your office needs sorted out! We look forward hearing from Clayton Business owners to provide our valuable services to you.

There are things you can do to reduce the effects of common allergens.It's allergy season, which means it's a good time to go over your goods and practises as part of your spring cleaning to find ways to reduce your exposure to common allergens. Dust, mould, rats, scents, and cleaning products are the most prevalent office allergens, and there are a few methods you may focus on eliminating those allergens with your cleaning products and practises.

  • Dust-:Reduced dust in your office environment is primarily a maintenance issue that may be handled by dusting surfaces on a daily basis. Cleaning your office window treatments, changing your HVAC filters, and cleaning your air ducts will all assist to keep dust at bay. High-efficiency vacuums with HEPA filters aid in the removal of dust and pollutants from the air by collecting extremely small micron particles that would otherwise float around. Don't forget to keep your mats clean, since they can trap and hold onto dust and grime that gets into the air.
  • Mould-:Mould is typically caused by the interaction of moisture, oxygen, and a food source such as wood, paper, or insulation. Controlling the moisture in your structure is essential for preventing mould growth. Mould is primarily caused by leaks and water damage, therefore investigate the interior of your building on a regular basis to see if you have any issues that need to be addressed. Another technique to avoid mould is to control the humidity levels. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that the appropriate humidity for your building is 30 to 50%, therefore keeping your humidity levels within that range can help you prevent having to deal with mould in your structure.
  • Mice-:Rodents seek refuge (and food) indoors while the nights are still cold. Look for evidence of mice, such as damage or droppings, to determine if they are present and if there is already an issue. Mice can enter through small holes and gaps and breed swiftly, resulting in an infestation. Reduce the possibility of mice accessing your building by inspecting and sealing any possible points of entrance. Keep big entryways, such as bay doors, closed when not in use, and remove any waste or food that may attract them as soon as possible.
  • Fragrances & cleaning products-:Many common commercial office cleaning products, even those labelled "healthy," contain common allergens that can aggravate allergy symptoms. It can be difficult to go thoroughly into the ingredients list of many products because there may be confusing categories such as 'fragrance' or 'preservatives' that do not reveal specific information. Some cleaners also contain the irritant 'colour,' another ingredient whose exact composition is unknown. To avoid frequent allergy irritants, your best chance with cleaners is to look for unscented, natural solutions with as few dubious components as possible. Allergy season has here, and prioritising cleaning to reduce allergens enhances your cleaning standards while offering a more pleasant experience for your guests and employees.

TIf you've done research and are confident in your potential clayton office cleaners, the last step is to make sure you're getting a fair price. The information below will assist you in ensuring that you are receiving a good price. Remember, a good deal does not always imply the lowest price! It denotes a reasonable price. See how to operate with a trustworthy and fair company:

  • Pricing that is clear and transparent -: A professional office cleaning company will be completely transparent about their cleaning expenses and pricing. You should not be left guessing what your office cleaners will clean and how much the work will wind up costing you. Transparent pricing and an honest organisation will usually help you receive a fair bargain, regardless of the final cost.
  • The lowest price does not always imply the best value - Don't be tricked into thinking that the lowest price always means the best value. Low prices might be advantageous, especially for small offices with limited resources. However, in most cases, you "get what you pay for." You may not be getting the greatest bargain if one quote is much lower than the others. What you originally save in terms of money, you may lose in terms of quality. If this occurs, you may have to re-clean the area yourself or contact another provider to finish the task. This could wind up costing you more money!
  • Check the inclusions - If Company A charges $60.00 a visit and includes a comprehensive kitchen and bathroom clean, while Company B charges $45.00 per visit and only includes a quick kitchen wipe-down, you might want to go with Company A instead. As previously stated, price is not everything. Seeing all of the services supplied for the cost of the job will assist you in determining whether you are paying a reasonable price.
  • Experience of the company - An experienced company will be able to perform more while charging you less because they have learned what works and what is a reasonable price for each service.